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This is working project.
Remote desktop control software with end to end encryption.


WIP project.
End to end AES encryption and WebP codec to encode and decode image.
If your processor support SSE4.2 and\or AES-NI program work faster.
On this moment published early builds program and proxy server may be unavailable.

Usage and Installation

This software portable and no need to installation.

Launch nAssistantServer, get ID and password, and after on nAssistantClient you enter this ID and password.

nAssistantServer example view nAssistantClient example view

System requirements

Windows Vista or later (Windows XP not supported!).
Tested on *nix: OpenSUSE Leap 15.


WINDOWS Version 0.4.2b x64

WINDOWS Version 0.4.2b x86

*nix Version 0.4.2b x64

Version history

Change log


Adding P2P connections and improve current protocol.
Add additional compressing image codecs for old PC (WebP slower but better for bandwidth usage). Add support arm devices.


This software developed on order RKS (Regional Computer Service)
nAssistant is free for non-commercial and commercial usage.